I love that there are two of each type of ball.
One set for the office and one for home or MELT with a friend.
The MELT benefits are too good not to share with your loved ones!
The MELT soft foam roller bends because of the soft foam construction.
Don’t confuse this with the hard material of a 6″ gym roller, which doesn’t bend. This memory foam is heavenly when you lie down along your spine and feel the gentle compression. This is self-care, not self-inflicted pain, which a hard, conventional gym roller can cause .
There is a big difference.

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This is an affiliate link which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I highly recommend MELT Store products and use them myself.

ENTER: Lillibridge@MELT as the Coupon Code when purchasing

I keep inventory on hand also. When you reach out to me, we can see which option is better for you to get your equipment – to buy from me or to order online. Pricing is the same either way so getting you set up, whether online or in-person, is my priority so you can begin self-care and address pain.

There is a shorter soft roller called MELT Travel Soft Foam Roller. It is great for traveling and for neurostrength moves. There is a MELT Half Soft Foam Roller that can help make some moves easier to do and it is used in MELT Pilates.

I’m a big fan of MELT On Demand. It is our subscription service and when you go to the MELT Store, above, you can get it there. Pair this with my MELT with Catherine classes or one-on-one to give yourself the royal self-care treatment.