Classes and One-on-Ones (Online and In-Person)

BUNDLE Packages are the best way to go for flexibility, ease and becoming consistent in your self-care.


MELT Classes Online and MELT One-on-Ones with Catherine: I help you from your first class or one-on-one session to your MOVEMENT habits. You will be learning the MELT Foundational Moves and we’ll create a customized program to get the results you want.

SEE FREE CONSULTATION INFO BELOW for the best way to get started on your journey. The Most Important Thing is consistency. Once you have the Foundational Moves, you can practice ON YOUR OWN for a little as 3 times a week for 15 minutes and SEE RESULTS in PAIN REDUCTION, MOBILITY and ENERGY LEVEL INCREASES.

Online Class Descriptions All times are Central Time, $18 per class or Bundles bring cost per class down to $15, $12 or $11 :

Types of Classes:

HEAD TO TOE 55 minute: A overall treatment class from first time participant to seasoned MELTer. We use MELT balls and roller to do hands, feet and body. These one hour classes build confidence in the MELT Foundational Moves. Come and experience it!

HEAD TO TOE 15 or 30 Minute Express Option!: Recommended for those who know the MELT Foundational Moves. We use MELT balls and roller to MELT hands, feet and body with compression and lengthening sequences. Consistent MELTing give us a sense of calm and energy.

*FREE Write and Hand or Foot Treatment: An 8 minute Writing and a 20 minute Hand or Foot Therapy Treatment. This is a love offering from me to you.

MELT Introduction Class or Series – A great way to set yourself up for creating a MELT routine over a one month period (or more based on the Bundle Package you choose). Includes Lab Classes, Group Classes and One-on-Ones. See flier below for details.

Days and Times October and November

Classes listed CST. RSVP to me for zoom link and payment. Questions or comments are welcomed.  

  • Mondays – 6:20 am Write for 8 minutes, 6:30 am 55 min Head to Toe
  • *Tuesdays – 6:20 am Write for 8 minutes, 6:30 am 20 min HAND and / or FOOT Treatment. This is a FREE Offering and a GREAT PLACE TO BE.
  • Tuesdays – 2:15 pm 55 min Head to Toe and at 3:15 pm Write for 8 minutes, finished at 3:25 pm
  • Thursdays – 6:20 am Write for 8 minutes, 6:30 am 55 min Head to Toe
  • You name it! When classes bubble up organically, it means the world to me.

POP UP CLASSES: Available as a 15 minute, 30 minute or 55 minute class. This means if you want a certain time or day of the week, ASK ME about it – Early morning? Late evening? Lunch hour? YES, YES, YES!


  • Email me with questions and the type of classes you want to attend. We will discuss the equipment and your specific areas of pain or overall self-care goal.
  • Choose one of the payment options below. Number of classes x $18 is your total. Or buy a Bundle of Classes: 5 Classes for $75 ($15 each), 10 Classes for $120 ($12 each) and 20 Classes for $220 ($11 each).
  • I will send you the Zoom link after I have received your RSVP Email.

Payment options:  Venmo: @Catherine-Lillibridge Zelle: 210-363-6458 or Check: payable to Catherine Lillibridge

Contact me at to learn more or subscribe to this website to be on my mailing list.

Classes are $18 per class (Bundle Packaging at $15 for 5, $12 for 10 and $11 for 20 classes)

Purchase individually or at bundle package pricing

One-on-One sessions are $55 per hour

Use bundle pricing for One-on-One sessions. Ask me how.

Free 15 Minute Phone Consultations

Contact me today to start your self-care journey to get out of pain and/or to reach the goals you have in mind. We focus on movement towards pain reduction and mobility+stability increases.

*New to MELT Method? Great Entry Point: The Intro Series has Introductory Group Classes and LAB class offerings. They are 30 minutes long and move slower to check form and talk about the science behind the moves.

*This 4 week (or more weeks based on Bundle Package purchased) offering is a great way to get into a MELT and self-care routine. You are able to join the INTRO SERIES at anytime. Email me and we will get you started.
The 4 weeks begins for you when you join your first group class or INTRO SESSION .