Hi! I’m Catherine and I’m a movement coach and a certifited MELT Instructor. Did you know that being in motion is possible for us, no matter our age or stage of life?

Are you thirsty for healthy living? Our cells are literally thirsty too! We need hydration to operate optimally and MELT teaches easy ways to get there through MELT movement techniques.

Catherine Lillibridge is a movement coach and a certified MELT Method instructor. She teaches online and in-person to help others discover how to notice stress in their body and relieve their pain. 

Journaling for over 3 decades, she has learned the body has a story to tell, as well as the mind. Working from A Living Body Model, she teaches that each day is a fresh start that brings new opportunities for increased body wellness and awareness. We can fully experience each season of our lives by slowing down in this moment. 

She has taken up new interests and hobbies while consistently practicing gentle movement. Pain and stress may effect us but they need not define us or our ability to live how we want or need to each day. 

Her hobbies and passions include travel; non-dominant handwriting; cross stitching; time outdoors doing anything including pickleball, walking and ChiRunning.