Hello and Welcome! Do you want to move more? Ache less? Me too!

I was living life as I had for years, kinda fit, kinda not. Then a weekend ski trip left my shoulder in pain…for almost 5 years. Little did I know, the pain would send me straight into the arms of MELTMethod.com. I am so grateful for the path to a NEW pro-active view on being my own advocate for my body’s health and wellness.

MELT Method Was A Find!
A friend mentioned that MELT Method would complement my rehabilitation for frozen shoulder. The pain, immobility and nerve tingling had become unbearable but the healing and changes that took place in my body as I started doing MELT Method Hand and Foot treatments using a soft ball and the Rebalance sequence on a soft MELT roller, along with strengthening my shoulder, were much faster than I had been told to expect. I went from having a gym membership I couldn’t use to training for a marathon, losing weight and even having a Dowager’s Hump disappear. I felt more even keel and then remembered I had read about the nervous system benefits in The MELT Method book. Learning to be proactive by applying the MELT Method techniques which hydrates connective tissue and rebalances the nervous system hooked me on the positive benefits MELT brings into day-to-day life. Doing MELT techniques for as little as 10 minutes a day for 3 days a week brings changes. Doing MELT almost everyday because it felt soooo goooood brought big rewards to my shoulder, my spine and my legs.

I am now a Movement Coach and MELT Instructor, teaching Hands-off Bodywork so we are energized to reach our goals. By eliminating stuck stress in the body and learning body sense by slowing down and practicing the MELT Method techniques, we learn to look for pre-pain signals so we can use our energy more productively.

Using the MELT techniques, my body is ready for the activities I choose and I rarely find I’m waiting for the soreness from a physical activity to pass. If I have stiffness or shin splints (which actually only happened two times in the last year), I am pro-active and know what to do to get past the pain. One incident I had with pain in the last year had to do with changing terrain for training runs which caused shin splints. I MELTed using the Shin Splints Treatment map and they were gone in a week. The other incident involved a treadmill that had a timing issue and 4 10-hour days in the car. That one was tougher to get over but I MELTed daily. In MELT we learn guiding principles like:

Indirect before Direct

Get in and Get out

Sip water throughout the day

Don’t create pain to get out of pain

All this can be learned from an instructor (like me!). You can also read the MELT Method and MELT Performance books by Sue Hitzmann, or join MELT on Demand for access to all Sue’s videos.

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